søndag den 1. november 2009

Happy birthday miss Kitty

Hello Kitty - my childhood hero - turns 35 this year. It kind of made me think about how she has evolved over the years. This iconic cat that reeks cuteness and fluffiness has after 35 years really become a woman with a lot of odd things made in her name.
As a young girl I wanted all the Hello Kitty merchandise I could get my
hands on. Of course back then I didn't know it was called 'merchandise' and never considered the huge organisation's advertising schemes was targeted especially at little girls like me with a love of all things pink and a soft spot for cute cats.

Many years have passed since I cherished a Hello Kitty toothbrush and the merchandise has equally developed. For some reason it feels a bit like Hello Kitty and I have grown up together since I've always been just the right age to appreciate the newest Kitty-items, such as the Hello Kitty-MAC make up a few years back. So in connection with her 35th birthday I started to really explore what else this lovely Kitty has her face on - and as it turns out our favorite cat has been pretty busy over the years.

As a 35 year old the cute cat is no longer only about small girls. The pleasures of Kitty have crossed over to a very adult world. In fact the life style of a grown up Hello Kitty now includes sex, alcohol and rock'n'roll - but still all in pink of course...
Hello Kitty  35

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