onsdag den 25. november 2009

Mormors makes November easier

It’s always been one of my least favorite months of the year, November. In Denmark and I guess in most other northern countries as well November is the month where it starts to get really dark. The days just become gray, windy and rainy. Some days it seems like the sunlight never really gets through the clouds and you walk around in a constant feeling of late afternoon. The whole day looks and feels like afternoon. Needless to say it really influences your mood and energy. Most of us stay inside in our sofas, light candles and crawl up with a book or watch TV. But sometimes you need to get up from the sofa and feel the city - even though it's dark. So therefor I go to Mormors.
Place of the month in November is Mormors a really cosy cafe just a few minutes from Kongen Nytorv. 'Mormors' means grand mother's in Danish and the whole concept of this place is inspired by the loving warmth of our grand mothers.
Whether it be the delicious cakes and cookies she used to bake or the warm feeling sitting in her living room - this is what you can find at Mormors and it is the perfect remedy for sad November with rain and darkness. They sell vintage decor and all sorts of delicious sweets. You can sit in the window and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate just like at your our own grand mother's house.

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