fredag den 13. november 2009

National Treasure - Georg Jensen

I'm getting kind of design sentimental these days. I found an old book about the faces of Copenhagen in the 1890s and amongst those amazing people of the past was Georg Jensen – designer of silver wear and jewellery, and I guess also known as one of the fathers of ‘Danish Design’ - and what a face he has... He lived from 1866-1935 and started selling his now world famous silver wear in a shop at Bredgade in the heart of Copenhagen in 1904.
For many Danes Georg Jensen’s designs have become a household name and most of us own something made by the Georg Jensen company whether it be jewellery, house ware or more industrial design objects. I own two modest pieces of Georg Jensen jewellery and they were given to me by my parents and grandparents as special gifts when I was younger. As I became older these items sort of grew out of my style, but lately I’ve rediscovered some of the original jewellery designed by the man himself and they are beautiful.The pieces designed by Georg himself from brooches to necklaces are from around 1910s -1930s. Some of them are still sold, but others only survive as antiques. I really like the Art Nouveau style jewellery with silver flowers or plants elegantly surrounding a stone - often an amber or moon stone.Recently the George Jensen company has launched a collection called 'Moonlight' of jewellery with George's old designs. The pieces are lovely and classic, but still with more modern coloured moon stones instead of the darker reds of amber and deep green malachite that are found in the antiques.

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