lørdag den 31. oktober 2009

Dyrehaven in autumn colours

I like nature as much as the next person and sure the colours of autumn leaves can be breathtaking. One popular place for Copenhageners to go and enjoy the loveliness of the trees this season is Dyrehaven, a large wood just north of the city. It is a great place to go and get away from the city and breathe in some clean air.
However when the autumn weather really shows its worst side, which is the case at the moment, I prefer to enjoy the light brown colours of coffee, tea or beer sitting inside. Therefore I go to a different Dyrehave – the really cosy cafe at Vesterbro and place of the month in October.
At Dyrehaven the interior from the old school 1970s bodega is almost intact, set in orange and wooden colours you can enjoy a traditional Danish lunch of smørrebrød and other Danish dishes. This place is so down to earth, warm and friendly that you could easily stay there all afternoon, while the rain hits the window and the darkness slowly creeps in.

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