fredag den 9. oktober 2009

Inspiration - at last

I apologise for the lack of posting here lately. To be honest I’ve been short of inspiration both in fashion and art. I guess sometimes you just need a little time to really feel a new boost again. And oh do I feel it now!
I found Victor & Rolf’s SS10 collection online and I must say that this really gave me a rush of blood to the head. So far the works of Victor & Rolf haven’t really hit me as something striking, but with this collection Nerd Girl comes out of the shadows and is deeply impressed.
I guess it’s the whole fairytale imagery with the huge tulle dresses mixed with a sharp edge well worth of Edward Scissorhands that’s really tickles my fancy.
But I also really like the boudoir and Japanese kimono style. It seems like such a fresh and really optimistic approach to summer style. How this ends up being delicate and punk at the same time is beyond me, but it does and I want it in my closet!

You can see all of the amasing dresses here

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LML sagde ...

that show was really wonderful - they are sooo fresh!