mandag den 23. juni 2008

Place of the month in June: The French Patisserie Le Montmartre

Well, I don’t really have the old Cliff Richard in my ear singing ”Summer holiday” these days.Lately Copenhagen has returned to its usual highly unreliable summer weather: Showers and heavy wind with the occasional 10 minutes of full hot sun. And this basically means that you’re uncomfortable no matter what you’re wearing.
So yesterday, on a rainy Sunday I visited the French patisserie Le Montmartre at Vesterbro with some good friends. This place is the Place of the Month in June, simply because, there you feel like it's summer all the time, no matter how much it rains out side.
This place is just what you need for a summer like this one – simple decoration, smiley charming French waiter and the most delicious cakes you can imagine. And the pieces are generous and not expensive at all.
I had a creamy vanilla and raspberry cake with a double espresso, which was just excellent – strong and bitter, but not too heavy.

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