søndag den 29. juni 2008

Hercules and Love Affair concert

Thursday night concert at Vega
The funkiness of Greek mythology hit Copenhagen Thursday night.
Hercules and Love Affair has been in my ears for the last few months making me dream of shiny New York nightlife at studio 54. Especially "Hercules’ Theme" and "Blind" has had me swinging a little extra on my bike on the way to work.

So naturally when the Gods of cool music visit your town, you go. And even though it unfortunately was without Anthony (of Anthony And The Johnsons) the rest of the band did manage to create a party at Vega. The strength of Hercules wasn’t really there to begin with, though. The two singing goddesses; the small and masculine Kim Ann and the tall bombshell Nomi both seemed distracted or nervous for the first few songs – too bad. Nomi at first reminded me of a bored pole dancing drag queen, but she really came to life when she pulled an awesome costume change and sang 'you Belong'. Her moves definitely made the guys happy...

And in the end they both delivered some genuine disco funk to the happy crowd. Especially ‘Athena’ and ‘Blind’ had the house partying. Speaking of the crowd –it’s a fact that I’m too short for concerts… for some reason I always end up behind tall guys – last time it was cute Swedish boys- this time it was huge – really huge- dancing gay guys. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the really good music – with a Hercules lookalike on drums – that much I could see!

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