tirsdag den 31. marts 2009

Peter goes to Greenland II

I apologise for this unintentional long break from blogging. In my absence I've noticed that the people of Greenland have responded back to Peter Jensen's inspirational flirt with their national costume and not in a positive way. I think it is beyond everyone else why Greenlandic traditional costumes cannot be appreciated and used for inspirational purposes just as the Japanese kimono has been.

Greenland is the closet thing my country comes to having a real colony – yes, Greenland is officially a part of Denmark in case you didn't know. But as far as being in any way a part of Danish traditions, art or politics it is strangely distant and not really appreciated here – unfortunately.
I was really genuinely happy to see someone like Peter Jensen find and use Greenlandic art in a bigger purpose. Yet I am as everyone completely confused and surprised by this odd and far out reaction from the country. It's just art and fashion – it's in no way harmful.

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