lørdag den 6. december 2008

Victorian Christmas in Copenhagen

I’m crazy about Christmas. It is I guess my rebound after hating the dark Danish winters so much. I especially love Copenhagen around Christmas – the old part of town can completely set me back in time and I forget all my depressing thoughts and feel like I part of a H.C. Andersen-fairytale. I always seek the traditional Danish Christmas decorations and the moods in Copenhagen, which are not difficult to find. Especially if you walk around Strædet in the evening, just past Gamel Torv - here you can easily disappear and pretend that you're back in the 1800s Copenhagen and might just run into H.C.A. himself.

Place of the month in December is The Victorian Home. I went there today for the first time and I think every one in this city should pay it a visit. It is a complete apartment as it looked in 1890 with the original interior. It is part of The National Museum and they only have limited guided tours making it a very unique experience. As you walk around the halls of this amazing place, you hear the story of the family, who lived there from the 1890s up until the 1960s until the apartment was given to The National Museum.
And this time of year it is especially charming as the apartment is decorated with an old traditional Danish Christmas tree.

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Romeika sagde ...

It looks wonderful. Although I've been in this museum several times before, I can't remember seeing this part. I'll sure pay a visit to it, thanks for the precious tip, Line!:-)

Nerd Girl sagde ...

I know, Romeika, it is kind of a secret. Maybe because it's not located in the actual museum, but just around the corner, in a building facing Christiansborg Palace. But you meet the tour guide at the museum and then walk as a group to the appartment. - it's really worth a visite ;)