torsdag den 11. august 2011

Stylish Stockholm

Stockholm is a very stylish city. People are always extremely well dessed and composed. And now that it is fashion week of course The Sartioalist 's Scott Schmann is around town to document the most stylish of the Stockholmer inhabitants. Stockholm has a lot of beautiful people - they are allmost too stylish sometimes. To a level where it looks like they just worked out of a fashion magazine.It's astonishing and impressive, but often not very original. More like people slavishly following the latest trend in fear of being out of the 'fashion loop' or god knows being 'unfashionable'.
Yet I really think the Sartioalist found some good examples. He manages to catch the original and personal style of people, which can be difficult to find.
These girls all have a personal style that is really original - and a little off the mainstream.
A lot of Stockholm pictures taken by the Sartorialist are apparenly taken on the street where I live - Götgatan. But unfortunately I still have not managed to see him in action.
The Sartorialist could however not hid his usual weakness for young men with bare feet in their shoes. He tends to find them and photograph them all over the world. I think if I do catch him in the street one of these day, I'll aks him why he likes that so much.

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