mandag den 30. maj 2011

Alone in the world

Stockholm is the most amazing city when it comes to photo exhibitions. Obviously the city in itself is amazing too – that goes without saying - but the amount of museums and galleries focusing on photography is much bigger than I am used to from Copenhagen. And as a cherry on top, some of them are free!

One good example of that is Kulturhuset, where you can right now see works by Gregory Crewdson. Creepiness and loneliness are pretty much the feelings you get when seeing these photographs. Make no mistake they are intriguing - yet you feel like you’ve entered a scary movie.
This one (above) really stayed with me for a long time after. The woman on a bed looking at a small naked baby. I wonder if the child is dead or alive... why is the door open and what is it about the woman that is so disturbing?
This series of photos is called 'Beneath the roses' and really looks like movie stills. You feel the tension in these shots.

Feel the light
Another thing that is striking about these photographs is the lighting and way it captures the weather. You can almost smell the cold of the snow or feel the damp rain and through that the loneliness of these landscapes and people also creeps out.
These everyday-like environments from small-town America also remind me of motives in Edward Hopper the American painter from the 1930s-40s. The feeling of emptiness and loneliness are also created through light in Hopper's paintings. For example this one 'Summer Evening' from 1947.
But the feeling of something lurking beneath this extremely well polished surface is strong in Crewdson's photos and I guess what get's under you skin.

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Anonym sagde ...

God, that picture with the baby on the bed... Very powerful! Dead or alive, there is such a chilling alienation or sense of detachment apparent there, between the woman and the child.
Thanks for sharing. And you are absolutely right about the sensation of the weather in the photos. The dampness in that first one is striking. I also love the stars that you can just barely see floating above the wires.