tirsdag den 30. juni 2009

My favourite summer oasis

Summer has hit Copenhagen like a smack in the face. After a month of rain and traditional, depressing Danish weather it is suddenly hot as hell, with sunshine from a clear sky. The thing with such a surprise attack of summer is that it tends to go away again just as fast as it came. So get out while you can! But where to go?

Well, if you are stuck at work in the city and can’t get across to the Copenhagen Harbour Baths – which by the way, are also clear candidates for Place of the Month- you need an oasis in the city.
Thus such a calm green spot of tranquillity right in the middle of the city is Place of the Month in June.
One of my favourite oasis is the Royal Library's garden. Hidden well behind the parliament building Christiansborg is the old Royal Library which I wrote a little bit about last time. This way leads to the original entrance to the old library building, which is now closed off for the public. So here, between the library and Christiansborg, you’ll find a small peaceful garden, completely secluded from the busy life of the city just outside.
Almost no one comes here, and if they do it's usually just to pass by on the way somewhere else.
Here you can sit amongst such clever Danish thinkers as Søren Kirkegaard - in the shape of a bronze statue - and listen to the calming sound of a small fountain. Such a relaxing break from reality can foster many philosophical thoughts and new perspectivs on life.
So even if it starts raining again tomorrow a few hours in this place and you’re refreshed like never before.

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