tirsdag den 26. maj 2009

Place of the month: Taschen in Copenhagen

Copenhagen finally got a really high class art bookshop. For a while I've been ashamed of the selection of bookshops in Copenhagen. I think in general the city has about maybe 4 bookshops that have more than just best-sellers in Danish or photo books with the royal family and so on. Some of the more serious bookstores here have turned their space into book cafés to attract more people, but I'm not sure it has motivated more buyeres – Maybe?
So I'm happy for any new type of shop that actually takes books serious as a medium and celebrate them in a concept store.
I do realise that Taschen is an arty and 'coffee table book' type of bookshop that obviously does not specialise in serious or heavy reading material. But it is such a cool bookshop – I mean a shop dedicated to visually cool books – no more, no less. I've also made it place of the month because I'm a huge fan of Taschen's books. It's such a visually exciting universe. So I really look forward to dropping in now and again to browse into a funnier and more glamours world.

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